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Predicting College Success
Time: 6:30pm - 8pm
Location: Meeting Room A
Delve into the fascinating research of human intelligence and achievement being conducted by Otterbein University with professor of psychology Meredith Frey.
How do we measure what students can learn, instead of what they already know? Find out about how traditional college entrance exams - like the SAT and ACT - predict college success through learned information. Then discover alternate ways to predict achievement and measure intelligence and how these could be applied to the college admissions process.
About the Presenter
Meredith C. Frey is a Professor of Psychology at Otterbein University with research interests in human intelligence. She received a Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Case Western Reserve University.

Two basic questions guide her work: (1) Why are some people more intelligent than others? and (2) How can we fairly measure intelligence, without also measuring learned information?
She has received two grants from the U. S. Army Research Institute related to her work in developing alternative assessments of intelligence; her work has appeared in Psychological Science, Intelligence, Psychological Inquiry, The American Journal of Psychology, and Human Factors, and she serves on the Editorial Board of Intelligence.
Age Group: 18 + up
Category: Adults
Topic: Science & Math, History & Culture
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