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Aneeza P.

Equity & Development Specialist


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Meet Aneeza

Aneeza is curious about people, cultures, communities, and social and organizational structures. Her mind is always piecing together information to make sense of it all. She started her career as a community worker in Kenya and travelled all over the world before finally settling in Westerville with her family. She is interested in developing the means for empathy and resilience in herself, her family, and her community. When she is not at work, she is daydreaming mostly, putting the world to rights.

Ask me about...

International humanitarian work, developing countries, childhood development, explosive remnants of war, community development work, international politics, sociology, the U.K.

I'm interested in...

international news, travel in US and globally, learning about different people and cultures, international cuisine (eating and cooking), calm parenting, Taoism

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