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  • Study up on economics, finance, tax and accounting trends.
  • Get the scoop on recent marketing, human resources and management news.
  • Analyze company profiles for a competitive edge.
  • Keep current on trade and industry-related trends.
  • Research best practices for your small business.
  • Discover how to plan, fund and manage a project.
  • Perfect for business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and consumers.
Whether you're starting your own food truck or consulting on a merger, you'll gain a competitive edge over the competition with EBSCOhost Business.

What You Get

  • Industry, company and country profiles
  • Market research reports
  • Current news from 400+ newspapers, newswires, plus TV and radio news transcripts, including The Washington Post, Investor's Business Daily, Financial Management, Family Business Review, and The Tax Adviser.
  • SWOT analyses
  • Product reviews
  • Trade journals
  • State-specific resources
  • Start-up kits and business plans for small businesses
  • How-to videos
  • and more...

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