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Hilda the Dragon (Oct. 1-31)
Location: Front Lawn
The beloved 30-foot, smoke-breathing dragon named Hilda has once again land on the roof during her annual migration south for the winter. Drawn to the magic of the library, she is likely to be seen keeping a watchful eye on State Street in Uptown Westerville throughout October.
And though she is a friendly dragon, she is known to roar and light up every 30 minutes from 5-9pm. (When she's not winded from her travels, she may even smoke, likely starting on October 11!)
About the Dragon

Designed and created by The Point at Otterbein University, Hilda is an art installation made of steel, wood, vinyl, foam, and latex. Sponsored by the Friends of the Westerville Public Library.
Related Activities

- October 1-31: Catch sight of the 30-foot smoke-breathing Hilda the Dragon, perched on the library's roof.
- October 1-24: Complete missions for chances at prize drawings.
- October 11-24: Explore magical worlds within the library, from enchanted forests to a medieval banquet hall.
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