Your library is fines free! Here's what that means.

The Westerville Public Library no longer charges overdue fines for items returned late. To avoid replacement costs or processing fees, return or renew before your items are 30 days overdue. 

Note: If you accrued fines prior to August 17, 2017, these will remain on your account until paid.

I didn’t return an item. What should I do? 

The Westerville Public Library currently uses a materials recovery service, Unique Management Services, to collect overdue items on the library's behalf. Your account is sent to the materials recovery service when the item is 55 days overdue and the replacement cost of the overdue item plus any outstanding fines totals $25.00 or more.

  • At 2, 10 and 20 days overdue, you will receive a reminder to return items.
  • At 30 days overdue, you will receive a bill in the mail for the replacement cost of the item and a $5 processing fee. If Westerville Library item is returned, these fees will be waived.
  • At 55 days overdue, your account will be sent to a materials recovery service and you will be charged a non-refundable $10 fee. If item is returned, the fee will remain until paid.
  • The materials recovery service will contact you about your delinquent account until your account balance is at zero.
  • Once your account balance has been resolved, the library will communicate your account status change to the materials recovery service within 24 hours.

Billed items or fines of $10 or more will result in your library account being blocked. You will be unable to renew or check out items until billed items are returned and fines are paid down to $10.

At any given time during this process, the notification cycle can be suspended when a customer has made payment arrangements using Unique Management Service's Suspend Process.

I didn't return an item borrowed from another library. What should I do? 

$0.50 per day ($25 maximum)
$125 replacement cost for items borrowed from OhioLINK (at 30 days overdue)

For more information about the policies relating to items borrowed from other libraries, refer to SearchOhio or OhioLINK.

Note: All fee amounts are determined by the consortium.

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