Why am I not getting notices?

The library offers notices or alerts as a courtesy to help you stay informed about your borrowed and requested items, events and room reservations. 

If you are not getting these notifications as you have come to expect, there are a few things you can do.


  1. Make sure we have your current email address on file.
  2. Check your spam folder.
  3. Add the library's email addresses to your email's approved sender's list or whitelist:
    1. customerservices@westervillelibrary.org
    2. circ-notices@westervillelibrary.org
    3. scanner@westervillelibrary.org
    4. noreplywesterville@evancedevents.com
    5. noreplywesterville@evancedrooms.com
  4. Remove us from your email's blocked addresses list.
  5. Try a different email address that you check often.
  6. Contact the library for help. 

Text Messages

  1. Make sure we have your current phone number and text message address on file.
  2. Add the library's text message address to your contacts: 760-00
  3. You may have exceeded your limit of 100 text messages from the library, per month, per phone number.
  4. Your phone may have reached its storage limit for text messages. Delete your old text messages to free up space.

Phone Calls

Note: This service is unreliable. If possible, we encourage you to opt for email or text message notifications instead.

  1. Make sure we have your current phone number on file.
  2. Make sure your outgoing voicemail/answering machine message is not longer than 10 to 15 seconds.*
  3. Make sure your voicemail/answering machine box is not full.
  4. Contact the library for help.

*Sometimes, this causes the automated message to be cut off.

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